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Becky Baxter

A highly recommended massage therapist.

Shoulder Massage

"She does an amazing job. I was floating on cloud 9 after leaving. I’ll will be back. Best birthday gift"

One of the best massages I've received! Becky was super sweet & gave me some nice after stretches.

becky massage therapist with a patient

I'm Becky Baxter and I've been a full time massage therapist for over 5 years. Changing how you feel on muscle group at a time. I help to relax tired, overstressed muscles, to bring them back to a more natural, healthy, and flexible state to keep your body moving in symmetry and pain free.

You want to try my techniques. My entire practice is result based. Bottom line, my goal is to get you feeling your best and pain free. Start your path to feeling better now.

becky massage therapist
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